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"You can tell in the lines in my smile, that I have been around for a while."

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Hands down one of my most favorite scenes from any of Bruce Lee’s movies. So much can be taught in just this 1 minutes and 47 seconds.

Bigger than your or me, and needs your help.

Please take the time to watch this 30 minute film. It will open your eyes and realize the cruelty of man as well as the unity and the strength of man for their want for peace. Help the Invisible Children.

Go Here, Pledge and/or donate:

Go here for the Action Kit, cover the streets, make it known:

One of the Facebook groups:

For those people in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area:

Tumblr page:

And of course, forever reblog. Get the word out, let April 20th be the day the world discovers Kony and his crimes against Humanity. And let it be the day the world comes together to do something about it.

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BWAHAHAHa. Putang ina mo! I hab a sol too! Pilipino! ^_^


This kid is insane. I’m always amazed by parkour athletes, but this guy is on another level.

Only 9 more episodes of Claymore to go. This series is just so fuckin good. Though I hear the ending is a “WTF” moment.